The beginning of the journey

SALVE everyone,                           

welcome to the first article of the newly created blog – Journal of a young Doctor. My name is Benedetta Ronchi and I am a medical student at Sapienza University, Rome. Alongside with my colleagues from all over the world, we are starting TODAY this new, wonderful adventure.

Our mission is to bring a little extra salt in the lives of everyone of our readers, interested in the medical area but not necessarily medical professionals.

We will talk about art, culture, news and more, connected to the world of Medicine. From this day forward, every week, we will publish one article that is part of one of four different columns:

-The Journal of a young Doctor : Book club

-The Med Humanitarian : News from the world

-Emotional Health in everyday life

-Medicine in Art and Cinema

-Mediethical Discussions

Without further ado, let’s start with the introduction of my personal column: The Journal of a young Doctor Book Club.

This project’s objective is to share opinion about books that we think can help us better understand our lives, both in work and every day routine. That’s why I chose to open the article with a famous Latin greeting (ed. Salve) which literally translates to “wish you well”.

My hope is for all you readers to keep in touch and read a book at the same time as I will. Every first day of the month, at the end of each article, I will tell you the next book I will be reviewing, so that we won’t miss each other!

Of course, all the readers who just want to enjoy the articles are welcome to do so and participate in the discussions anyway.

The first book will be “Heart of a Dog” by Mikhail Bulgakov, I chose it because it’s a short story, to give us an easy starting point. See you in two weeks (for this time only)!

Have a wonderful day,


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