Under a layer

When you start to learn a new language, one of the first phrases is “I am…”, and then begins a long list of enumerations: your name, age, occupation and hobbies.

But is it always so easy to describe who you are?

After all, this question can be solved much deeper. Under the layer of superficial information is hidden a lot of experience, interests, after all, your thoughts and feelings.

And let this phrase be only initial and seems so easy, using it you can answer not only the question of the opposite, but also to get to know yourself better.

Try to think a little deeper today? Who are you?

I am Tanya, I have already lived a quarter of a century (I like this phrase), most of my life I lived in Chelyabinsk, but now in Moscow. I am graduating from medical university. In my student life there were so many amazing acquaintances, coincidences. I am happy to be where I am.

I like to study and learn new things, I have a lot of interests, and apparently that’s why it’s not so easy for me to make a choice in favor of my future profession. Last fall I had doubts whether I chose the right medicine, maybe I had to draw. To furnish the premises? Create something with your hands?

But my path, despite the fact that there is nothing to go through the pages of medical textbooks, patient history, examples of doctors. I know 3 languages, now I am learning the fourth… and thanks to one of the very first phrases of “Io sono” this text was born.

The tangle of my thoughts led the reader out of the labyrinth of thoughts: to myself it is necessary to tell. First of all, to myself. You know yourself – you know where to go next.

After all, you are like a map, valuable information does not open at once, but the more interesting it is to find it.

Good luck.

Tanya Vasilyevykh

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